Mission & Vision

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The Systems and Technology (SYSTECH) supports the College of Health (CoH) and College of Nursing’s (CoN) education, research, and clinical practice missions.

SYSTECH aligns itself with the Colleges’ vision by providing faculty, staff, and students with access to information and communication technology in partnership with the Utah Education and Telehealth Network, University Information Technology (UIT), and other Health Sciences teams. Information and communications technology is threaded throughout the College of Nursing’s strategic plan.

SYSTECH also provides support for the Intermountain Healthcare Simulation Learning Center.

Our vision is to provide exceptional customer service that reflects responsible stewardship of the College of Nursing resources. We ascribe to the College of Nursing core values of excellence, innovation and integrity, and the College of Nursing core competencies:

      • Flexibility/Adaptability
      • Technological Skills
      • Responsive/Consumer-Oriented
      • Communication/Collaboration

Getting Computer and Technology Help

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